What we do: We provide a Managed Database Administration Support Service.

What for: To reduce the operating revenue costs of supporting database estates and 
to improve the resilience of the database estate.

Established through a remotely maintained database estate, supported 24x7.

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We offer

Remote administration of Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases. Database managed services.

Database audits, infrastructure optimization, monitoring, migration, and implement high-availability solutions.

Our Services

Database managed services & DBA support 
Expert DBA team works

for you 24/7 

ZenAudit - database audits 
Database optimization service to improve their performance, security, etc. 
ZenMon - database monitoring 
Database and business process monitoring service 
ZenShift - holiday DBA service 
When your salaried DBA is on vocation/ill we can replace him 
in-house approach
and full involvement into business
Up to 50%
Reduce costs
on database management
& support
100% guaranteed
of your data
365 days
Oracle and Microsoft
Certified experts
About DB Serv LTD

10+ years


83 projects

Successfully done


Certified database engineers

740 Tb

Total size of databases

How we work

Discuss your task

Leave your request on our website or by phone


We sign a non-disclosure agreement

We make audit

We get access and perform database audit


Sign cooperation agreement

Developing a roadmap with a solution



We execute all solutions of roadmap

Reduce database managment costs up to 50% now!

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